krishna janmashtami shayari

Krishna shayari – कृष्णा शायरी

Krishna shayari – The best wishes for Shree Krishna Janmashtami in Hindi are found in Jay Shri Krishna Shayari’s status updates and shayari. Krishna Shayari – कृष्णा शायरी रख लूँ नजर मे चेहरा तेरा, दिन रात इसी पे मरती रहूँ.. Read more

krishna shayari in hindi

Krishna Shayari – कृष्णा शायरी

Krishna Shayari – A person has attained the higher spiritual union when they react to the joys and sorrows of others as if they were their own. Krishna Shayari – कृष्णा शायरी ए जन्नत अपनी औकात में रहना हम तेरी Read more

Krishna Shayari – कृष्णा शायरी

Krishna Shayari  – Everything rest upon Krishna. .he could be a supreme temperament of godhead. Reading his past times, we are going to come back to understand concerning him, his glories. Radha Krishna Shayari – राधा कृष्णा शायरी जिस पर राधा को मान हैं जिस पर राधा को Read more